Friday, July 31, 2009

GOLD: An RPG web series

This is where a couple hours of my yesterday afternoon went:

GOLD: The web series that does double damage.

The site sums up the series this way:

The World Goblins & Gold Role Playing Game Championship is only a few short weeks away. The perennial second-place American team has undergone an upheaval: their longtime team leader, Jonathan Drake, has suffered a tragic gaming-related accident. Maverick player and loose cannon Richard Wright takes the reigns and tries to wrestle his new team into shape before the competition, while despondent Jonathan battles his personal demons. Meanwhile, the World Champion British team, led by the crafty Oliver Crane and sultry Martha Thistlethwait, prepare for the Championship by enlisting a gaming legend as their new coach...

The series is fun and certainly tongue-in-check, but it also has moments of memorable depth and emotion. It's also fun to see some free independent film made possible by online distribution. Check it out!